How to Order


The best time to order is in the spring for a fall delivery but we will take orders throughout the year. Call early to get on our waiting list. It is important to know your farmer so order directly through Dan via phone or email. Dan will help you with the ordering process and any specialty items or cuts you may want.

Dan’s phone is: 847-754-5760

There are two routes to take when purchasing beef  from Terra Valley:

  1. Purchase a quarter, half, or whole steer and stock up your freezer.
  2. Purchase our quarterly package. You pay $759.00 annually and receive a quarterly package of mixed cuts consisting of steaks, roasts, ground beef, and stew meat. This is a good option for those who don’t have freezer space.

Option 1:
Our animals are processed in Lena, Wi. by Lena Maid Meats.  They are ready for market between September to November. Please allow 3-4 weeks after the butcher date for the meat to be dry aged, cut, wrapped, and frozen. The beef is dry aged for 21 days to ensure tender, tasty meat. We deliver to convenient pick-up points in Madison and the Chicago area. If you’re near Lena, the packaged beef can be picked up at Lena Maid Meats.

Option 2:
Your beef will be processed between September to November at Lena Maid Meats. The same processing procedures are used as if you were purchasing a whole steer.  The beef cuts will be packaged and kept frozen until your quarterly delivery.  Delivery months will be November, February, May, and August. Delivery locations will remain the same as in option 1.

If you’ve never purchased a steer we think you might have some questions: 

How much does a whole steer weigh?
            Difficult question to answer but glad you asked.  There are several variables that actually go into the final weight of an animal.  In general the market weight averages about 1000#.  I know-hard to believe they can get that big eating grass! If you buy a whole steer for your family you will be purchasing about 400# of actual packaged meat. The loss in weight is a result of bones, fat, and other stuff you don't want to eat.

How many people does one steer feed?
            Wow-another question with variables.  If you're like my family we eat a lot of protein, vegetables, and fruit so we can easily eat a whole steer in one year, for a family of 5. We also eat seafood, pork, poultry, and lamb so beef is not our only source of protein. If you have a smaller family you can purchase the steer by the half or quarter.

How should I store my packaged beef?
            Generally, 30# of beef takes about one cubic foot of freezer space.  A whole steer should fit a medium sized freezer.  

How much packaged meat is on a whole steer? (Numbers may vary depending on the final weight of the steer).


Steaks-3/4" thick
Rib eye 24-26
T-bone 24-26
Sirloin 12
Round Steak 30#  (round steak or cube steak)

Roasts-size 2-3#
Chuck Roast 8
Arm Roast 6
Sirloin Tip 4
Rolled Rump 4

Miscellaneous Additional Cuts
Soup Bones
Short Ribs
Boneless Stew Meat 10#

Ground Beef
200#  (Choice of package weight)

*Additional Cuts
Liver, tongue, and heart if desired.

 * I have some great Recipes for organ cuts so if you're in for an adventure, try them.  They're full of nutrients!